걸어온 길


  • 2013.01.09Registered Meteorological Business at Korea Meteorological Administration
  • 2012.03.01Added Field, Engineering Operation Activity (No.E-9-314; Water Quality Control)
  • 2011.01.01Nam, Soon-Sung Appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 2010.08.18Information and Communications Constructions Business Registration (No.310614)
  • 2009.07.23No.1 in 2008, Engineering Contract Performance in Soil & Basic Field
  • 2009.03.31Collaboration with ICES
  • 2008.10.01Collaboration with EJ & S
  • 2008.07.22Established EJtech VINA (Vietnam Branch)
  • 2008.02.25Business License. Added Manufacturing Business
  • 2007.08.09Reported Overseas Construction Industry
  • 2006.08.25Acquired ISO9001 Certification
  • 2005.12.30Founded Busan Office
  • 2004.01.30Added a Soil & Grout Engineering Operation Subjectivity (No.10-314; Soil & Ground)
  • 2003.03.06Business Collaboration with Eunjin Construction Company
  • 2003.03.05Business Collaboration with Subsurface Information Tech., Inc
  • 2002.10.10Became a Member of Korea International Trade Association (registration No.11758385)
  • 2002.05.03Moved Main Office (Seokjung Building, Gumi-dong, Boondang-gu)
  • 2000.02.10Re-certified as Venture Company (No.2000113221-2264)
  • 2000.01.25Changed Company Name to EJtech Co.,Ltd.
  • 1999.05.28Reported Software Business (1999-04-00212-1)
  • 1998.04.04Certified as Venture Company
  • 1996.11.29Designated as Military Service-Alternative Company (No.96-113)
  • 1996.09.06Opened Busan Office
  • 1996.07.30Founded R&D Center (No.9961262)
  • 1996.01.24Resistered as a Safety Diagnosis Agency (Designated by Ministry of Construction & Transportation; No.29 Bridge & Tunnel)
  • 1994.09.02Member of Korea Engineering & Consulting Association (No.10-314)
  • 1994.07.15Moved Main Office (Seowon Building,Yangjae-dong)
  • 1994.03.18Reported Engineering Operation Subjectivity (No.10-314 Soil & Foundation, Civil Structure)
  • 1994.02.14Founded as EunJin Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd. (Registration No.229-81-18793)