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부식 시험법. 특히 현장의 기계 공학적 입장에서 부식 속도와 직접 또는 간접으로 관계가 있는 인자(因子)를 측정함과 동시에 자동 제어하는 것을 말합니다.

  • Detoriation Model

  • Chloride Profile after 30a

  • Anode Ladder

  • Expansion Ring System
  • Robustness and easy handling(transport, installation, concreting, vibration)
  • Durabilityh and long-term stability(alkaline environment,chlorides)
  • No negative effects on structural behavior!(e.g. changes of exposed surface,deformations due to temperature)
  • Possibilities to check the system(redundancy)

  • Portable measuring instrument

    CANIN-LTM for 1000data-sets

  • Automatic datalogger system

    with data transmission via GPM

  • Calculations

  • Monitoring

  • Great Belt Link

  • Calibration Tests

  • Construction joints Piers

  • Caissons in sea-water

  • Pier-shafts in sea-water